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Antiques & Collectibles

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 "La Nuit" (The Night)
Antique Bronze Lady on Marble Plinth,
circa 19th century.  22 1/2" high
 $1,200.00 USD



Antique Art Deco, Spearfisherman Bronze Statue, 19th Century. "Ernest-Justin Ferrand" 43 1/2" high
Excellent Condition  Originally from "Mr. (R) Blackwell" Estate.
$15,000.00 USD


Vintage Santa candle, with 2 children at side. This candle has been painted instead of the wax being tinted, this is the vintage method. It is in good condition with only a few chips in the paint. There are no cracks or missing parts of the candle, it has never been lit.

Make offer!




Antique Bronze Bust Sculpture of a Middle Eastern, Arabic Man Holding Prayer Beads,
Signed "A. Giroux" circa early 1800's

This is an elegant sculpture, antique, bronze Middle Eastern, Arabic Man bust inkwell, signed "A. Giroux" at the bottom edge. The sculpture retains it's original patina. The Arabian figure is wearing a headscarf (keffiyeh), the top of his head lifts off to access the inkwell. His arms are crossed, holding prayer beads (masbaha). The detail is amazing, every fold of the fabric, the intricate detail of his beard, exquisite detail in headress, face, gown and fingers. There is a very small opening where his crossed arms meet his chest. The hinged solid bronze cap on his head lifts up to reveal what was probably a glass bottle containing ink, the bottle is missing. The ink container sat in a metal "cup" attached to a shaped wooden "plug' in the base of the inkwell, held in place by very small bronze rivets/nails and finished with a metal bottom plate and attached to the wooden plug. This plate is easily removed for replacement of the bottle. The bottom plate still has green felt protective material. Overall approximate measurements are 3 3/4" wide at the base, 3" deep at the base and 4 1/2" high. We don't clean or restore the antique collectibles we sell.

More on the artist:
Only the finest pieces were created at the esteemed workshop of Alphonse Giroux & Compagnie. Founded in 1799 by Francis Simon Alphonse Giroux, cabinetmaker and official restorer of Notre Dame, “Maison Alphonse Giroux” also known as “Giroux & Cie” specialized in producing ornate objects d’art , bronzes and technically sophisticated furniture. Patronized by various members of the French Royal Family, including Louis XVIII, Charles X, Henri V, and Napoleon III, the design house was particularly known for fine bronzes, ormolu, bronze inlaid Boulle cabinetry, japanning/lacquer work and exquisite furniture. 

$3,500 USD or best offer


Unusual layered Silhouette, framed. circa 1870

Call or email for more information and photos



Orientalist /Middle Eastern, Vienna Austrian Bronze,
"Arabic Coffee Maker's Tent" Lamp
Circa 1905-1930

This fine lamp is a scene within a tent with 3 figures, fire, pots, and many other fine details, Signed, Vienna Bronze, Coldcast painted Lamp. . . The detail is amazing, from the tattered Oriental rug to the tiny teapots.

It measures approximately 5 1/2" wide x 9 1/2" long x 11" at the highest point. The lamp is turned on by twisting the little basket at the front of the scene, and the little light is located up inside the tent. It is in spectacular antique condition.

Similar lesser lamp bronzes shown in "Encyclopedia Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders"  Vol. 3, p. 760-761, and Vol. 4, p. 944-945.

$9,900 USD  


ORIGINAL, Authentic 1920's
French Nude Photo Cards
Set of 10 different French Nude post cards or trading cards.  These photographs reproduced by several companies, "Leo" "Sapi" & others, most have a name and/or number on the front and all have plain backs. All the cards are in wonderful condition, no bends, marks or damage that I can see. Many of the old nude cards were plain backed since they were often treated more like "trading" cards for collecting rather than actual postcards. Depending on their time of publication, they may, or may not have even been legal to post through the mails. They measure approx. 3 3/8" x 5 3/8."
$75.00 USD




 Antique, Middle Eastern, Persian Officer bust/statue
"L'Emir" Exquisite, antique, spelter, polychrome, Middle Eastern, Persian Officer bust statue, with jeweled turban, chest medallions, and more detail, is extremely well done. France. circa 1875. Unsigned. There is evidence of worn polychrome. 29" high. 

This original sculpture is shown in "Encyclopedia Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders" Vol. 4, p. 1203.
$10,500 US obo


Vintage spelter "Eskimo" lamp. One photo shows the lamp turned on and the other is with the lamp turned off.

Call for more information.



RARE! ANTIQUE, Sterling Silver "TIFFANY & CO." "Baccus" Water or Wine Pitcher circa 1907. This is an incredibly detailed, elegant pitcher, one of the finest pieces you will see.

It measures approximately 12 3/4" h x 9 3/4" widest point; diameter of top opening 6 3/4" The capacity is marked on the bottom "9 pints" (1+ gallons). The pitcher weighs approximately 71.5 Troy oz. (almost 5 pounds)

There is an engraved monogram of "R" below the pouring spout, it is difficult to see unless examined closely. It has a Gold or Vermiel washed interior. The pattern is "Vintage" or Grape pattern with Baccus head on handle base. Baccus is God of Wine and Intoxication. For more information and additional photos please contact us.

Call for more info and photos.


Spectacular Japanese Bronze "Moth" vase

For more photos, please contact us.

$3,000.00 USD


"Hohner Examina I"
Sound testing device, used in stores to allow customers to test harmonicas prior to purchase. Approximate age 1930's. Excellent condition.

$75.00 US



HOTEI - God of Contentment, Abundance & Happiness

The Laughing Buddha is believed that Good Luck, wealth and prosperity will come your way by rubbing his big round belly.

Origin = China Taoism / Buddhism
Chinese Name Budai or Putai

Said to be an incarnation of Miroku Bosatsu Miroku in China is known as Miluo Fo (or as Miluo Pusa)
Hotei is known as the Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha in the West
Hotei is one of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods
Associated VIRTUE = Magnanimity

Carved wood statue measuring approximately 32" high x 14" wide x 8" deep. This antique Hotei figure is believed to be a "Temple" piece, originally painted gold, that has since worn off in most places, gilt residue remains.

$ 500.00 USD

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